Car Charger Multi Function Laptop Power Adapter 800×1000

Car Charger Multi-function Laptop Power Adapter


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Product Description Car Charger Multi-function Laptop Power Adapter CE/FCC/ROHS Certification 80W have 8 separate different size connectors Black Brand: FZX Product Type: Power Adapter Colour: Black Voltage Control: Manual Adjust DC or DC to DC Design Type: Manual Adjust Output Voltage: DC12/15/16/18/19/20/24V Output Current: Max 80W Output Power: 80W Output Voltage Range: 12V-24V Input Max Current: 1.8A Output Min Current: 0.1A Conversion Efficiency: >90% Accessory: 8 separate connectors Protection functions: overload protection, overvoltage protection, short circuit protection Certification: CE/FCC/RHOS Features: * 1. Adopting international advanced technology and power supply project, it suit for laptops. * 2. Resistant to high voltage, current impact, heat smart chip control effectively reduce heat, ensure its longer product life,and computer security. * 3. Core circuit board comes with overvoltage, overload and short circuit protection, over temperature protection, along with protection for leakage power, fire etc. * 4. Intelligent energy saved, environmentally friendly and raw material volume light, easy to carry. * 5. 8 separate different size connectors, fulfill all your needs. * 6. Products gets international certification authority, credible quality, worthy of consumer trust. Instructions: * 1. Put AC connector into the mains AC holes. * 2. Manually adjusting voltage to match up with the input devices. * 3. Select the correct adapter, choose the right DC to fit the electronic devices. * 4. Connect the right connector to power adapter DC interface. * 5. Connect the DC connector to the device input interface, and then it is ready for use. Connector Size: * 6.0mm*1.0mm/6.3mm*3.0mm/5.5mm*2.5mm /5.5mm*2.1mm/5.5mm*1.7mm/4.8mm*1.7mm/4.0mm*1.7mm /3.5mm*1.35mm Package List: *1 X Power Adapter,1 X A Suit Connectors, 1 X Data Cable


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